Old Testament Survey is a book by book study looking at the historical, geographical & cultural setting of that time and is taught in chronological order. In general, each lesson covers one book of the Bible including the background, theme, author, date and purpose. The outline and major events in the book are developed along with a practical application to our lives today. There are 45 lessons. Each one is complete in itself, but in addition, builds upon previous lessons.

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OT-01A Historical Reliability

OT-01B Bible Basics

OT-02 Job

OT-03 Genesis 1-11

OT-04 Genesis 12-50

OT-05 Exodus

OT-06 Leviticus

OT-07 Numbers

OT-08 Deuteronomy

OT-09 Joshua

OT-10 Judges

OT-11 Ruth

OT-12 1 Samuel

OT-13 2 Samuel

OT-14 Psalms

OT-15 1 Kings 1-11 & Song of Songs

OT-16 Proverbs

OT-17 Ecclesiastes

OT-18 1 Kings 11-22

OT-19 2 Kings

OT-20 1-2 Chronicles

OT-21 Joel

OT-22 Jonah

OT-23 Amos

OT-24 Hosea

OT-25 Micah

OT-26 Isaiah

OT-27 Isaiah and Jesus

OT-28 Nahum

OT-29 Zephaniah

OT-30 Habakkuk

OT-31 Jeremiah

OT-32 Lamentations

OT-33 Obadiah

OT-34 Ezekiel

OT-35 Daniel 1-6

OT-36 Daniel 7-12

OT-37 Haggai

OT-38 Zechariah

OT-39 Esther

OT-40 Ezra

OT-41 Nehemiah

OT-42 Malachi

OT-43A Inter-Testament

OT-43B Inter-Testament