The New Testament books are studied based on their topics, which will be the order they are in the Bible. The lessons relate the stories not only to each other, but also to the history, geography and culture of that time period. There are 24 lessons in the New Testament.

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NT-01 Four Gospels

NT-02 Acts 1-12

NT-03 Acts 13-18

NT-04 Acts 18-28

NT-05 Overview

NT-06A Romans 1-8

NT-06B Romans 9-16

NT-07 1 Corinthians

NT-08 2 Corinthians

NT-09 Galatians

NT-10 Ephesians

NT-11 Philippians

NT-12 Colossians

NT-13 1 Thessalonians

NT-14 2 Thessalonians

NT-15 Philemon-Titus

NT-16 1 Timothy

NT-17 2 Timothy

NT-18 Hebrews

NT-19 James

NT-20 1 Peter

NT-21 2 Peter

NT-22 1 John

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NT-23 2-3 John - Jude

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NT-24 Revelation - Coming Soon