The Life of Jesus combines the 4 Gospels, to study His life from a chronological, geographical & Jewish perspective of the first century. Each lesson ends with its relevance for our lives in the 21st century. There are 17 lessons in the course.

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LJ-01A Introduction

LJ-01B Preparation

LJ-02 Preparation

LJ-03 1st Year

LJ-04 2nd Year

LJ-05 2nd Year

LJ-06 2nd Year

LJ-07 2nd Year

LJ-08 3rd Year

LJ-09 3rd Year

LJ-10 Last 3 Months

LJ-11 Last Week

LJ-12 Last Week

LJ-13 Last Week

LJ-14 Last Week

LJ-15 Last 40 Days

LJ-16 Basics About Jesus